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You May Be Eligible To Receive Government Funding To Become a Personal Support Worker In 30 Weeks

You may be eligible to receive up to  $7500 to cover the costs of tuition, books, and other mandatory fees, as well as a stipend of $5,735 for a clinical work placement!

Through the new PSW Challenge Fund, you may be eligible to receive Government funding up to $13,235 to become a professional Personal Support Worker (PSW.)

To be eligible for financial support, students must start their PSW training at a participating career college between May 1 and July 31, 2021.

The program also guarantees work placement in the long-term care sector and offers experience in a long-term care setting during the first four weeks of the course. The PSW Challenge fund is only available to OSAP-eligible students.

Canadian All Care College (CACC) will prepare you to become a professional Personal Support Worker in 30 weeks and help you to play an important role in the long-term care sector in providing patient care to support the Government initiative during this difficult time,

The personal support worker program at CACC trains you to work with other health care professionals to provide several services for the elderly, disabled, and ill, and finally help them rehabilitate or simply live their lives in the most comfortable way possible.

CACC Personal Support Worker program combines practical skills in a blended setting in developing your communication and patient care skills as well as harnessing your support techniques that patients require in an industry that involves caring for the sick.

Please review Personal Support Worker – Canadian All Care College for more information.

Since 2003, CACC offers exceptional instruction with up-to-date equipment and industry knowledge. Textbooks are provided on the first day of class to each student. CACC’s both campuses have multiple facilities to train you in the industry-specific skills, which you will require to become a life-long PSW professional.

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