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Professional Development

Issue Date Description Reviewed Approved
1 06/22 Initial TG Yes
2 07/27 Review AA Yes
3 08/02 Approved MA/ YX Yes


Canadian All Care College is committed to promoting a culture of growth and professional development for its employees – administration and instructors. CACC ensures its staff engages in learning activities and programs through in-house and supporting external workshops and training.

The purpose of this policy is to:

  • Ensure that employees maintain their acquired skills and job qualifications needed to meet the regulatory requirements and perform their duties well
  • Provide employees opportunities to enhance their skills and knowledge to support advancement in the field and learning at CACC.
  • Promote shared accountability between the employee and CACC regarding annual review and professional development
  • Through the annual performance review process, evaluate and provide feedback to staff to continuously improve the teaching and learning at CACC.


This policy relates to all College employees – admin support and academic staff.


Work-related Courses: Those courses that are relevant to the employee’s current role within the College or enhance the opportunities for future advancement. (Professional development policy for staff & managers – OCAD university. (n.d.). Retrieved July 26, 2022, from


CACC’s Senior Leadership Team will conduct performance reviews annually based on feedback from surveys and instructor evaluation forms completed in the academic cycle. This will allow CACC to understand areas that need further improvement. The responsibility of undertaking professional development activities is a joint responsibility of the staff member and CACC. In addition, CACC will set its organizational goals and priorities and provide resources to help build the employee’s advanced professional credentials, which enables them to contribute more to the strategic goals set by CACC.

CACC convenes multiple in-house pieces of training annually to enable faculty members to meet the regulatory PD requirements in their field. These in-house workshops are mandatory for relevant staff and are free for all attendees.

Employees that pass the probation period will be eligible to benefit from this policy. Under this policy, any requests for professional development shall be submitted before registration and needs to be approved by the CACC administration for reimbursement. Employees must submit the ‘Professional Development Application Form’ to the CACC administration for further review.

Once approved, the employee will be required to submit completion of PD activity evidence to the college the expense as detailed below:

CACC, to encourage continuous growth of its employees, will reimburse 50% or CAD 250 (per annum), whichever is lower to the employee after the successful completion of the PD activity.

Considering CACC’s resources will allow the management to ensure fair and equitable support for all its staff.

Ideally, all employees are expected to take courses outside of their regular working hours. However, if an employee is required to write an exam during work hours based on the requirements of the work-related course, the employee will be approved for time off without the pay being affected.

Employee Responsibility

  • Plan and share their PD activities for the academic year with the management to ensure their credentials in the field
  • Reach out to college administration to seek advice on planning for PD activities
  • Be transparent in sharing the details of the PD activity with CACC while seeking approval.
  • Complete the PD activity with active participation, dedication, and time to complete the learning activity

College Responsibility

  • Reviewing PD policy and budgeting for staff PD resources annually as decided
  • Encourage and advise on relevant PD activities for its staff
  • Provide in-house PD opportunities in learning and teaching, educational leadership, health and safety and other pertinent areas to CACC’s strategic goals

In case of any disputes, updated printed copies of CACC policies will take precedence over the policies published on our website.


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