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Meet the CACC Management

At CACC, our commitment to our students’ success drives us to provide the best education and training possible. We understand the importance of real-world experience in shaping accomplished professionals. That’s why we take great care in hiring instructors and staff with extensive experience in their respective fields.

Our commitment to hiring experienced staff extends beyond the classroom. Our support staff, career advisors, and administrative personnel also boast industry experience. This means that every aspect of your journey at CACC is guided by professionals who have walked the path you aspire to follow.

When you join CACC, you become part of a learning community that values practical knowledge, innovation, and excellence. Our accomplished instructors and staff are passionate about empowering you to achieve your goals and become successful professionals in your chosen fields.


The Team

Scarborough Campus


Yan Xia


Yannie Xia is the Founder and President of Canadian All Care College. Yannie has a Bachelor’s Degree in Arts from China. She also holds a Paralegal Certificate from Canada. She has more than 20 years of experience in various management positions in the Health Care and Higher Education Management industry.


Dr. Ayman Eleraky

Director of Operations

Dr. Eleraky is a highly accomplished college director with a strong medical background. He obtained his bachelor’s and master’s degree in Clinical Radiology from Ain Shams University, Cairo, Egypt.

He spent over 30 years working in prestigious tertiary hospitals, where he played a pivotal role in training radiology residents and managing ultrasound units. In 2018, Dr. Eleraky earned his certification from the American Registry for Diagnostic Medical Sonography (ARDMS).

In 2021, Dr. Eleraky joined the esteemed Canadian CACC. Recognizing his exceptional qualifications and extensive experience, he quickly made a significant impact within the organization. Due to his exceptional leadership abilities and strategic vision, he was appointed as the College Director in November 2022.

As the College Director, Dr. Eleraky brings his vast medical background and expertise to lead and guide the institution towards excellence in education and career advancement.


Lei He

Office Manager

Lei He holds a bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and has dealt with customers from diverse levels for over 20 years. Has extensive experience building and collaborating with teams to succeed. Excellent communication skills and persuasive speaker with analytical and problem-solving abilities.


Lucy Ganendran

Academic Manager

Lucy Ganendran holds a bachelor’s degree in Arts and has majored in Human Rights and Human Diversity, and holds a post-graduate degree in Human Resource Management. Constantly bringing a positive attitude for all tasks given. A massive advocate for helping students reach their potential within their academic careers. Chief support to the CACC faculty.


Howard Zhu

Financial Manager

Howard holds a Diploma in Accounting with long solid experience in finance, accounting, and payroll. In addition, Howard is a key player within the management team, with a lot of passion for helping his colleagues. Mr. Zhu is CACC’s financial and accounting reference.


Linna Liang

Office Supervisor

Linna holds a degree in Environmental Studies. In addition, she has many years of experience in different aspects of office management. Linna is a team player with amazing multitasking and problem-solving skills.


Harmanpreet Kaur

Assistant Office Manager

Harman Kaur holds a bachelor’s degree in science.  Recently became the assistant office manager after dedicating her time and determination as a CSW coordinator. Has a positive outlook on many areas within the CACC environment. Colossal support to all students dealing with OSAP. Harman is always willing to drop everything to be there for her colleagues and CACC students.


Mitzi Cedillo

Assistant Academic Manager

Mitzi Cedillo holds a bachelor’s degree in education and has been in the field for about six years. Recently became assistant academic manager after dedicating her time and passion as an ECA coordinator. Mitzi is a massive advocate for helping students reach their potential. Our CACC Faculty truly appreciates what she brings to the table, and students have expressed their admiration and dedication she has when it comes to helping them with student placements.

Toronto Campus



Miajan Aryan


Miajan Aryan is the founder and President of Canadian All Care College. He is a medical doctor, and in Canada, he also obtained his Honours Bachelor of Science in Human Physiology and his Master of Education degrees from the University of Toronto. He has worked in senior Management, training, and developmental positions in several healthcare centres, public and private colleges, and the Ministry of Health of Ontario.


Kate Poznyak

Campus Manager

Kate Poznyak is a passionate and results-driven professional holding a Bachelor of Business degree. With vast experience in educational management, compliance audit, and operations, she is a staunch advocate for student success, dedicated to empowering learners to reach their full potential.


Khalida Aryan

Academic Manager

Khalida Aryan is a passionate professional and a very kind and patient individual. She has credentials in health care and business management. She has experience in office management and college administration duties.  she is keenly attentive to details, a student advocate, and gets satisfaction from student success.

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