Don’t wait until the end of your academic term to get career services assistance

Most students seek advice from their school’s career services department just before they graduate…traditional way of beginning their job search.

We suggest a different approach for all our students: start the process in the first semester and carry on the process throughout your academic cycle by participating in career development seminars; find part-time work or volunteer work, and meet frequently with our career services team before you successfully finish your academic program. And, feel a lot more confident in the career choice that you made, and well prepared to ace tough interview questions and land your first job.

Believe me, your time is short at the campus and you will pay hundreds of dollars for career assistance services once you leave the College. So, please do take advantage of our free Career Services.

Some of you don’t realize that our Career Services team goes beyond their career assistance duties and provides you with the right guidance in selecting the right academic program…beginning of a crafted journey towards a prosperous career.

Many of you do not realize that a bad career decision can break your futures. Know that it is of utmost importance to take into consideration your interests, talents, abilities, and job growth rates, wages before selecting a major. Our Career Services team provides you with a reality check and impartial advice, and in the process helps alleviate your fears and assist you in making the right career choices.

Besides, the team also aid in crafting resumes and cover letters that bring additional confidence and comfort in your pursuit of job search. Of course, you need more than classroom knowledge and career services advice to land a good job…you need to delete your embarrassing social media posts, and for some of your helicopter parents needs to be grounded gently.

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