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About Canadian All Care College

The Canadian All Care College (CACC) offers exceptional in-class instruction with up-to-date equipment and industry knowledge. Textbooks are provided on the first day of class to each student. Our both campuses have multiple facilities to train you in the industry specific skills, which you will require to become a life-long industry professional.

CACC promotes a progressive academic environment, which equip our students with innovative ways of thinking through hands-on training. CACC will guide you to find your first job and prepare you with the skills you need for your future job search.

To us, you are unique, and we are committed to meet your unique needs. We will provide you with the practical tools to make you an accomplished professional.

Experienced Staff

At CACC, to fulfill our commitment to make you an accomplished professional, and we ensure that we hire instructors and other staff who are experienced in the respective professional fields with years of experience in running their own businesses.

Inspired Curriculums

Our commitment to high-quality curriculums provides you a huge advantage to get ahead in your career in the professional world. Our accredited programs are supervised by the accreditation bodies to provide you the best programs that conforms to the best practices and complies with the competencies required by the industry. From time to time, we invite highly respected industry guest speakers to educate you on the best practices and the skills you will require to be successful in your preferred profession. We have 15 career-focused academic programs for you.

Student Friendly Environment

In both of our campuses, we run smaller class sizes and offer you hands-on training in a friendly learning environment for students of all ages. CACC has earned a reputation to provide you with the industry specific training and guide you to be professionally successful after graduation.

Career Services

Your career success is our biggest goal. We constantly work towards making you feel accomplished when you complete your education.

CACC career services program will coach you through career preparation workshops, answering your career related questions, providing you feedback, connecting you to the resources and opportunities. Moreover, you will also get assistance in developing your resume, preparing you for mock interviews, and so on.

We also develop your soft skills throughout your academic cycle to ensure that you feel confident to present yourself in a professional, responsible and collaborative way in the professional world.

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Our Vision

Tell us your career goal; we will get you there.

Our Mission

We will provide you the opportunity to experience cutting-edge and hands-on practical learning and extend your learning beyond the classroom and the campus.

Our Values

  • Develop meaningful partnerships
  • Serve the under-served
  • Create a student-centered environment
  • Actively seek creative solutions
  • Continuous learning

Our Campus Locations

Toronto Campus

Address: 4630 Dufferin Street, Suite 305 Toronto, ON, M3H5S4

Scarborough Campus

Address: 240 Alton Towers Circle, Suite 302 Scarborough, ON, M1V3Z3

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