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By: Gulpreet Kaur

If you are browsing through our Program descriptions, you might see the word “Practicum” pop up invariably among the various pages. Now this might be a word you are not entirely familiar with. Rest assured, you have certainly heard of the concept before! Of the diverse courses offered at Canadian All Care College, eight of our programs have a component of practicum or placement, where the students are assigned an organization in their field of study. Here students observe and record how the professionals carry out their duties. Not convinced yet? Here are three ways in which Practicum can help your career:

Test your classroom knowledge

While classroom learning is indisputably integral, Practicum allows you to apply that theoretical understanding to practical real-world scenarios. Whether you are crunching numbers in the Accounting, Payroll, and Business Administrator Program, or learning hygiene and safe practice in the Food Service Worker program, Placement students buckle down and sharpen their skills and minds.

Hi! My name is Norin and I was a Food Service Worker student at Canadian All Care College. I have recently completed my program and been hired by the same place where I completed my placement.

Meet Cool people and create connections

Networking isn’t just for the high-flyer businessmen. Practicum allows you to connect with like-minded peers, mentors, and maybe even your future boss! Even if you don’t get hired by your Placement, a letter of recommendation is just another badge of honor on your resume. While these connections seem insignificant at the current time, they might help open previously closed doors.


Get a Head start on your Resume

The Workforce Climate being what it is today, It goes without saying that hours of quality hands-on training gives you a leg up from the competition in the job market and makes you a more attractive candidate to the recruiter. Not only does a Practicum aid in gathering experience, but it also serves as a trial run for the future. It can teach you proper interpersonal skills, technical competency, and work-life balance.

I recently completed the Personal Support Worker Program. Even though my program was short, all the material learned in class helped greatly during my Practicum. They were so satisfied with my performance that I was allowed to apply for a position in the same company!


In essence, Practicum is not merely another box to check when filling out the graduation requirements. But an extension of your studies at CACC. Embrace this opportunity to aid you in building future success. Within its challenges lie the seeds of bright achievements.



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