Scarborough Campus

Scarborough is located in southern Ontario, Canada, making up the eastern area of the City of Toronto. The city is bounded by Lake Ontario to the south, Steeles Ave. to the north, the Rouge River to the east and Victoria Park Avenue to the west. Scarborough consists of a highly multicultural population with more than half of the city’s residents born outside of Canada. The city has various thriving elementary, secondary and post-secondary education institutions. The residents of Scarborough are served by a variety of transportation options, including subway, train, bus and taxi. CACC Scarborough campus is located on McCowan Street, one block south of Steeles Ave, steps away from public transit reaching further to bring quality education and convenience to you.

240 Alton Towers Circle, Suite 200
Scarborough, ON, M1V4P3
Tel.: 416-292-6050
Fax: 416-292-6241
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Business hours:
9-5 Mon. - Thur.
10-3 Fri, Sat, Sun
*We are closed during all public holidays
** Not all programs offered at both locations.


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