“I am proud to say that I am a student of Canadian All Care College! This institute has given me so much support for my success in my career as an Early Childcare Assistant. For the affordable price and excellent training, the college gave me great knowledge to be successful in my field of interest. I gained clear and thorough understanding of my future occupation and the staffs provided me with great opportunities to get real hands-on experience at my placement. I am very thankful to all the members of Canadian All Care College for the unforgettable pleasure to attend classes, to stay in a friendly environment, and to allow me to feel like at home. My teacher, Claudia, has taught us all the modules to prepare us to apply our theoretical knowledge in the practicum. I am very confident that I am compatible to work in this profession and for an immigrant like me; Canadian All Care College was the best start for my future.”

Tetyana M., Early Childcare Assistant

“Canadian All Care College (CACC) is a great college and the environment is excellent. The staff at the college are very nice and always willing to help. The staff members and the students make you feel welcome and comfortable in your surrounding. I have no complain nor any regrets. When I received my diploma, I was very happy because I never thought that this day would come to see my dreams come true. Before I started the program, I didn’t have enough confidence or positive thoughts about myself. It was this college that has helped me to accomplish my goal, regain confidence, and be positive. They guided me from the very beginning of the course, skill training in class, placement in the nursing home till resume writing and job search, etc. Thanks to CACC members for their great support and encouragement. I’m proud and pleased to know that I was once a student at CACC.”

Rohini B.

“Canadian All Care College (CACC) is the right school that will give excellent career training to everyone. I know most of the students are expecting to get a steady job that will last for a very long period of time and with the help of CACC, you will find that you can reach your goal for sure! It was a huge decision for me to go back to school with my busy schedule, but I’m glad I made the right choice. I enjoyed every moment I spent in the college and with the help of my instructor, I acquired an in-depth knowledge of the course of my interest. My instructor is very knowledgeable, supportive, always full of energy, and most of all, there’s no dull moment during class.”

Analyn J.

“I really enjoyed studying in Canadian All Care College (CACC) and being a student at CACC was an unforgettable experience. The environment is excellent and the students at the college are from variety of different cultures. I am so lucky that I had the opportunity to be exposed to different cultures, values, languages, food, and lots more. Studying at CACC is great with lots of challenges and each task given to me was a valuable experience I have learned a lot of knowledge with every aspect of my future career. I have made many good friends as well. The placement CACC offered is so helpful that I found job in health care field right after graduation.”

Kugathas B.

“Canadian All Care College provided me with an unforgettable and valuable chance to gain the knowledge needed to be successful in the future. I met many good friends and teachers who are always there to assist me till the very end. As a newcomer to Canada, I have learned more about this country and got more involved in the society. More importantly, I learned many useful skills so that I can help people more effectively and efficiently.”

Lamba H.

“I want to thank Canadian All Care College (CACC), especially the Auto Mechanic Instructor, who was a great teacher/mentor. I have learned from him lots of essential experience in Auto Mechanic field and now I’m a licensed Automotive Service Technician. CACC has provided me with great knowledge that is needed in order for me to pass the license exam. With great staff and students, my time spent at CACC went by quickly and joyfully. I’m proud to be a student of CACC. My every moment spent at this college will never be forgotten.”

Arcadio G., Automotive Service Technician

“I would like to thank Canadian All Care College teachers and staff for the knowledge and skills I acquired. The preparation course for the ARDMS license exams was very helpful. The lectures were compact, convenient and contained the main information necessary to pass the exams and to use in everyday practice. Thanks to our teachers Maksud and Emir, their professionalism and experience I managed to pass my exams and now I am a licensed Sonographer. I am also very pleased with the environment in Canadian All Care College, the staff are very amicable and always willing to help sharing their experience and knowledge. And in spite of the fact that all the students came from different countries, we all felt at home and became friends. Thank you very much and good luck!”

Nadiya S., ARDMS license exams preparation

“I enjoyed the learning experience at Canadian All Care College because the teachers are highly qualified with many years of experience within this field, and this college has a friendly atmosphere. I was very worried at the beginning because it has been a long time since I last attended school. I graduated from the Medical Office Administrator program and the staff members at the school are more than willing to help you with every step of the way. They are very supportive and encouraging at all times. I gained lots of knowledge that I can utilize to succeed in a medical office setting. With the small class sizes and the wonderful staff members, I felt comfortable completing this program and had the opportunity to get experience from doing my practicum at a medical clinic. The text books are also a great reference tool for me in the future. Thank you so much for everything you have done for me!”

Svetlana F., Medical Office Administrator program

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